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posted by Ken

I am not totally surprised that this happened.

Based on the reduction of staff that we've been seeing the last few
months at Now Software, I had to believe something like this was

I only hope John can resurrect Now X as a new product and bring it to
the life that it came so close to having.

I think the MacWorld review of the product had "death" written all
over it, and that is unfortunate.

My question now is, what are people using for contacts and calendars?
The data for my thousands of contacts is currently in Now X and
Address Book, but of course I can only see the extra fields in Now X.

Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.



posted by cvb

I too am contemplating getting the custom fields over to Address Book.
In the interim, if you come across a good fix Id love to hear it.



posted by Wilson Ng

Yeah, totally hurts.....

I have been exploring the SOHO Organizer demo. It seems mature but I
remembered when Chronos had the really bad introduction of version
5.0. It has finally matured but I'm still wary of tech support. In
their blog, they said that the main engineer in charge of tech support
left by the end of December 2009 and they're still trying to catch up
with their support tickets. sheez...

On the other hand, BusyCal is looking good but I don't have a contact

I guess I'm using DevonThink Office Pro to manage my contact history.
I create a folder for each contact and put all their e-mails,
attachments, and contact notes.



posted by Gareth Watson


You should be able to switch you data into Daylite. Let me know if you
need help.

Gareth Watson


posted by MJG

On Mar 22, 8:11 pm, Ken <k...@watamix.com> wrote:
> Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.
> Thanks!

Last week, I concluded that the handwriting on the NOWX wall was
dire, test-drove and subsequently purchased BusyCal (single user:

Worth checking out, IMHO:

Integrated Address Book? Sort of... Links with Apple Address Book
thus: in a scheduled event, if "Attendees" is marked, B/C will plug
in contact from AB. Clicking and hold on that in B/C = options to
either E-Mail or Open In Address Book.

Synching with iPhone: Pretty much instantaneous synching between BC
and iCal; iCal then synchs to iPhone via iTunes and/or MobileME

Test Drive is free for 30 days. Worth a look.



posted by Wonderful Machine

We used Now Contact for about five years, until a few months ago, when
we switched to Daylite. It was partially because we needed more
functionality in a Mac-based office that shared data across about 15

We took a while to make the decision, and with our tens of thousands
of contacts, it was a little messy to import the data into Daylite.
And then it took us a few weeks to "un-learn" the logic of Now Contact
and embrace Daylite.

I'm pretty happy with Daylite now, though I miss some of Now Contact's
interface. However, the ability to link contacts and organizations to
one another, not to mention the integration with Apple Mail, has been
pretty valuable.

Good luck in your search, otherwise!


posted by Wilson Ng

I bit the bullet and bought BusyCal. It works directly with the iCal
database and can sync to Google Calendar. SOHO Organizer was nice but
it didn't integrate as nicely unless you have a MobileMe account. I
don't have MobileMe and SOHO Organizer seems to need MobileMe to sync
to the iCal and the iPhone. Unless someone knows something about how
to do this without MobileMe?

I liked having the integrated contact solution but I guess I'll have
to look elsewhere.

I just couldn't get into Daylite. Where are the user interface
designers for Daylite? The biggest thing I couldn't live without was
having tasks appear on my monthly calendar view. I'm a visual kind of
guy and like to see tasks spaced out. I'd probably have to change
tasks into events to make it work on Daylite. Daylite is at 3.9.x now
and version 3.10 will be coming soon. I'll probably look at Daylite in
the future.....


posted by Oakbridge

A lot depends on the workflow you use. Personally, tasks to me rarely
are things that have to be done at a specific time. Date yes, but not
time. So I assign a due date to them and on my calendar view, I have
them displayed on the right side of my calendar. The nice thing about
this method is that it only shows the tasks that are due within the
range of the dates that I am looking at on my calendar. So if I just
to a week in June, I will only see tasks that are due during that
week. I can choose to show the overdue tasks but it keeps me more 'in
the moment'.

For me, the actual calendar is reserved for actual appointments.


posted by Wilson Ng

In David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) workflow, the calendar is
used as a place to store appointments or any tasks that have to be
done by a certain deadline.

If your boss has to go into a meeting on Thursday and he wants you to
give him a budget analysis by Tuesday, you'd better believe that your
task is due on Tuesday. Any task that has a "hard" deadline is placed
on the calendar as well. A hard deadline is any due date in which a
task must be done by a certain date/time or there will be
consequences. In this case, I could face employment termination if my
career depended on that deadline.

O course, many people mistakenly like to use "soft" deadlines. These
are artificial deadlines that people place on tasks that won't have
any consequences if a certain date/time is reached. Things like "mow
the grass". If I don't cut the grass on Friday, it won't really change
any thing.

I'm a visual kind of guy. Sometimes I like seeing a list view. But
most of the time, I like seeing "hard" deadline tasks on a monthly
calendar view. iCal and Daylite only shows appointments and events on
the monthly view with a side list of tasks on the right. But BusyCal,
Now X, and SOHO Organizer offers the ability to show tasks as well as

I'd just like the ability to show either or in Daylite.