Now X has a 30-day free trial. At the end of that time the software cannot be used until after a license is purchased. (If you have already purchased a license, and are seeing a message saying your trial will expire, please read #1 below.)

Before the software expires you will begin to see a window that tells you the expiration date. You may be seeing this window for one of two reasons:

#1. For some users this happens because they have purchased a license but have multiple accounts. For example, they purchased using but are currently logging in using their account. In that case we merge their information so that also has the purchased license. After that they can log in from either account without getting that message. If you have purchased a license and are receiving that message, you can either send me a private message telling me your email accounts, or send an email to We will then adjust our records and the next time you start Now X that message will go away.

#2. For some users this happens because they have not yet purchased a license and their 30-day trial period is set to expire. If that's the case, you can purchase a license by going to or by calling us at 800-344-9160 or 614-413-4000.

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John Wallace
Now X Tech Lead
President, Now Software, Inc.