I'm pleased to announce that Now X 10.0.3 is now available for download. You can get the latest version either by selecting "Check for Updates..." command from the Now X menu in the application, or by visiting http://registration.nowsoftware.com and choosing download after logging into your account.

Changes in this version include:

Made changes to the database to speed up scrolling in the list views.
Changed database code to increase speed for opening the detail view, especially if email linking is enabled
Fixed a sync problem where syncing stopped for some users after they deleted a contact or event.
When resolving duplicates, ensure that syncing won't start.
Changed how creating backups works to minimize the chance of corrupted database archives.
Fixed an exception that was occurring when deleting all the items currently displayed in a list.
The Event List View now correctly honors the properties for displaying or not displaying completed vs. uncompleted calls and tasks.
Fixed a sync problem where end dates aren't set correctly causing some data to not be synced.
When date ranges are set to "custom" it now ensures date ranges are valid and the start of the range defaults to the current date.
Fixed a timeout problem that happens during startup. This may cause launch to be faster for some users.
Fixed a problem where data is dragged and dropped into contact detail and event detail views.
Fixed a bug with time interval display. For example, before time intervals of 90 minutes were displayed as "one hour" but are now displayed correct.
Correctly save window positions when quitting the agent.
Fixed menu initialization code to speed up displaying menus when multiple events are selected in the Event List View
Added icons for preferences for Copying Events and Copying Contacts
Protected categories (ie Personal, Unfiled) and Tags (Sync, Marked, Quick, Hidden) are now tracked differently by Now X. These categories and tags can now be renamed without Now X trying to recreate them at the next startup.
The date displayed for Notes imported from Now Contact is now the date that was set in Now Contact instead of the date the note was imported into Now X.
Fixed a bug with the Graphics Palette that resulted in the Graphics Palette never appearing after a custom palette was created and selected.
Fixed a bug with syncing all day events, where the end date was being set to "null" incorrectly on events coming into Now X from SyncServices. Added a Database Maintenance method to fix all day events that have null end dates, to have a correct end date that is compatible with SyncServices and iCal.
Fixed a bug in the Export to Text command that resulted in no contacts being exported. Exporting Contacts to Text now asks the user if they want to export only the selected contacts, or all contacts currently displayed in the Contact List View.
Category names with commas in them are now properly assignable in the Contact Detail View and Event Detail View.
Added Copy Contact Info and Copy Event Info to copy formatted text for selected contacts or events to other applications.
Improved workaround for spontaneous restarts caused by bug in Apple's networking code.
Fixed layout issues in a number of dialogs caused by changes in Snow Leopard.
Added code which prevents app from switching to front when a progress dialog is displayed.

John Wallace
Now X Tech Lead
President, Now Software, Inc.