I'm pleased to announce that Now X 10.0.2 is now available for download. You can get the latest version either by selecting "Check for Updates..." command from the Now X menu in the application, or by visiting http://registration.nowx.com and choosing download after logging into your account.

Major changes in this version include:

Improved syncing speed which should improve overall performance of the application.
Cut/copy/paste of events and contacts within the application.
Buttons have been added for emailing, launching urls, and IMs in the contact detail views.
Fixed command key processing under Snow Leopard.

Here's a more complete list of changes from the ReadMe file:

Improved speed of syncing.
Fixed command key processing on Snow Leopard.
Fixed crash that would happen when starting up. This crash was much more common Snow Leopard, but it would occasionally happen under Leopard and Tiger too.
Fixed problem on Snow Leopard where the CPU load would stay above 5% at rest.
Added cut/copy/paste for events.
Added cut/copy/paste for contacts.
Added icons to send emails, open URLs, and send IMs
Fixed a problem where spell checking would cause crashes on certain users computers.
Fixed problem where modifying the current event in a repeating event would incorrectly modify future events.
Added property for setting banner text color.
Added ability for windows to remember if their toolbar is hidden or shown.
Fixed problem where turning on/off checkboxes for event types in the calendar properties panels weren't taking effect immediately.
Fixed exceptions when setting default snooze for alarms.
Added a double-dot in front of "In Process" tasks and calls to match functionality in NUD5.
Changed dragging of events in month and week panels so that only the selected event of a repeating event is changed.
Fixed problem with saving changes to repeating events to ensure they are saved correctly when selecting "future" or "all".
Improved "date picker" panel so you can advance or retreat by years.
Improved the graphics palette to return to the last selected collection rather than the default collection.
Fixed a bug in importing where tasks and calls were losing their date-only flag.
Fixed a bug where creating a new contact from the menu when the detail window is open will no longer erroneously linking the contacts together.
Added a Print Workspace command so can print task list alongside month.
Fixed problem in Export to vCard command that was causing no contacts to be exported.
Fixed problem where lists were empty when switching tabs.
Fixed problem where setting the flag to not show the start and end dates in the month view was not being honored.
Fixed problem where dates weren't printing correctly in month and week views.
Changed Page Setup command to always be available.
Fixed bug where alarm trigger date wasn't saved.
Added an Open URL button to the URL fields.
Changed how duplicating tasks & calls work to clear completion date and sets status to "Not Done'
Fixed problem where spell checker causes app to crash.

Information about what's coming up in future releases will be in our Monday Developer Updates.

Sean Boiarski
Product Manager, Now Software