I'm pleased to announce that we have released Now X 10.0.1.

The main focus of this release is fixing problems with Snow Leopard, fixing problems with firewalls and other problems where people couldn't get started, fixing problems with data, and other high-priority problems. We have also added a number of new menu commands and other feature enhancements. A list of notable changes appear below, and can be found in the ReadMe installed in the Now X application folder.

We'll be having a series of releases over the next few months where each release will add more enhancements and fixes. If you reported a problem before and it hasn't been fixed yet, then it's scheduled for an upcoming release. Reporting it again isn't necessary. If you find a bug you haven't reported, please use the Report Bug command in the Help menu so that bug will be sent to our quality assurance team to reproduce and assign to our developers.

The following are the notable changes for Now X 10.0.1:

Updated scripts in /Applications/Now X/Extras to be compatible with Snow Leopard.
Updated QuickContact and QuickDay menus to make them compatible with Snow Leopard.
Fixed problem where some users behind corporate firewalls couldn't authenticate Now X.
Fixed problem where data sometimes wasn't being displayed in Page Mode.
Fixed problem where durations of longer than a month weren't being properly displayed in the Event Detail views.
Increased the default size for day numbers in Month view. In previous release they were too small by default. Users can edit the size for day numbers by using the Properties button on the toolbar.
Added ability to Contact List view to show Home Email and Work Email columns. To show those columns (or other columns) see: http://doc.nowx.com/index.php/guide/6-contacts
Changed versioning to use easier to read numbers.
Fixed data entry in Quick Contact and QuickDay menus
Implemented menu command for show/hide toolbar
Implemented menu command to show properties window
Changed default columns for event list and contact list to match those in NUD5 and NC5 (only affects new databases).
Fixed date-only tasks so won't display a time.
Fixed repeat duration for certain custom repeats.
Fixed date picker panel so that hitting the return key is the same as hitting the OK button.
Fixed code so that creating a new event from the menus now creates them on the selected day (rather than "today").
Fixed problem where menubar would sometimes be blank.
Fixed problem where QuickDay or QuickContact menus would sometimes appear behind windows.

Information about what's coming up in future releases will be in our Monday Developer Updates. Stay tuned!

John Wallace
Now X Tech Lead
President, Now Software, Inc.