I've switched computers at my church office from an iMac G4, 10.3.9 to an iMac G5, 10.4.9 (the highest I can update due to an Apple problem with airport). NUD5.3.1

Transferred via Migration Assistant.

Transfer went well but i am unable to see or drop in any photos in the NUD Contact. I use it as a simply database but need photos so I know who i am calling or contacting.

It worked fine on 10.3, works fine on 10.5, but will nto work on my office computer 10.4. I receive the error "format not supported" (JPG). I have tried old files as well as new contact lists.

In the existing files instead of the photos it states "Quicktime and a decompressor are needed to see this photo". I have QT pro installed,

Anyone know how to go around this as it is a deal breaker to hold on using Now Software until the new stuff is equivelent with this (letters and envelopes).