In the first public beta, we've had a number of people reporting that their data isn't syncing. It's likely that this is a configuration issue. There is probably one of two things going on:

1. The event or contact you added may not be set to sync. Before an event or a contact will sync, it needs to have the Sync tag assigned to it. That is "off" by default. (The default setting has been changed to "on" for PB2.) To see if it's marked to sync, open its detail view and click on the tag icon. You should see the name "Sync" there if it is.

[attachment=1]<!-- ia1 -->Picture 1.png<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment]

If you want new contacts and events to sync by default, you can define that in their template preferences (shown below). Each time an item is created it is a clone of the values set in its template. (Notice below that it is off by default in that picture.)

[attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Picture 2.png<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]

2. There may be a delay before syncing occurs. We may want to tune that so that syncing occurs more closely to the time the change is made.

John Wallace
Now X Tech Lead
President, Now Software, Inc.