Now X currently supports importing Now Up-to-Date v5.x and iCalendar event files. Now Contact X currently supports importing Now Contact v5.x and vCard files.

The import command is found under the File menu. Note that for Now Up-to-Date & Contact files, their name must end in .nud and .nct respectively.

The import dialog has three components it may show. They are:

  • Tag - The first check box lets you add a Tag to all the records that are about to be imported. Tags are useful to group related information together. This option allows a user find all the imported data with one click of a Tag. Several default values are provided for convenience, but a custom one can be added by just typing. [/*:m]
  • Sync - This check box sets the Sync Tag for all the objects being imported. The Sync Tag is needed to send a contact or event to SyncServices.[/*:m]
  • Linked File - If the imported file is a Now Up-to-Date & Contact file and has a linked file defined it its preferences, Now X will ask if you want that other file imported as well. Selecting this box will do that import.[/*:m]
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