Now X has three main components:

  • Now X -- the main application[/*:m]
  • Now X Agent -- the background application[/*:m]
  • Now X Sync Apps -- applications that run during syncing[/*:m]

The Now X Agent does most of the heavy lifting for Now X. For example, it does all of the database management, display of reminders, implementing QuickContact and QuickDay, all of the syncing to Now X servers, most of the syncing with Sync Services, and many parts of the user interface.

Important: The Now X Agent is running almost all of the time. Even when you quit the Now X application, the agent is running so it can do the background processing. To shut down both the main application and the agent, hold down the option key in the File menu. The Quit command then changes from "Quit Now X" to "Quit Now X Services". After installation, the Now X Agent will begin to run on startup of an account.

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