There are three welcome screens that are possible, however only two may come up depending on your local system.

  • Welcome Screen - The first screen contains welcome text and a link to the forums[/*:m]
  • Now Up-to-Date & Contact Import - The second screen only appears if Now X can find either a Now Contact or Now Up-to-Date primary file on the account Now X is running in. If it finds either of the primary files, a check box will be displayed along with the location of the primary file. Selecting the check box will allow Now X to import that data at the end of the welcome process. You can choose to import these files later if you desire.[/*:m]
  • Synchronization Screen - The last screen asks if you want to turn on synchronization with SyncServices. SyncServices is Apple's process that works with AddressBook and iCal to share common contact and calendar information. Selecting these checkboxes will enable syncing. You can choose to turn these on later through the Preferences panel if desired. [/*:m]

If either or both of the Now Up-to-Date & Contact files were selected to import, a separate import dialog box will then come up. Each import dialog has three components it may show. They are:

  • Tag - The first check box lets you add a Tag to all the records that are about to be imported. Tags are useful to group related information together. This option allows a user find all the imported data with one click of a Tag. Several default values are provided for convenience, but a custom one can be added by just typing. [/*:m]
  • Sync - This check box sets the Sync Tag for all the objects being imported. The Sync Tag is needed to send a contact or event to SyncServices.[/*:m]
  • Linked File - If there is a linked file to the NUDC file to be imported, Now X will ask if you want that other file imported as well. Selecting this box will do that import.[/*:m]
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