Before reporting a bug, be sure you can reproduce the problem. Reduce the number of steps needed as much as possible. This helps the development and QA staff get to the source of an issue faster.

In order to streamline feedback, we have a Bug Reporter tool that is built into the application. This is the best way to report a problem and issues submitted via this mechanism will receive the most immediate feedback. These reports directly feed into our QA tracking system and the most efficient way to communicate.

The Bug Reporter tool is in the Help menu. This tool displays a separate window with fields that you can use to enter bug report information - including:
  • Type and Severity: These fields allow you to select what type of issue you are reporting[/*:m]
  • Summary: A short description of the problem or issue you are reporting[/*:m]
  • Description: A detailed description of the problem or issue you are reporting. If it's a bug, please be as specific as possible on the steps to reproduce the issue. If necessary, use the screenshot tool at the bottom of the window to capture the screen and pass it along. If there are files related to your issue, they can be attached using the add attachment button at the bottom of the window.[/*:m]
  • Email: Please include your email address. This is critical for us to be able to contact you if we have further questions regarding the issue.[/*:m]

When you're finished entering the information about the bug, hit the send button. Now X will then package up a set of data and send to our office. Note that on some systems the cd drive will engage during the send process, but this is normal.

Thank you for your assistance!
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