We were forced by our ISP AT&T to switch to a new Gateway, where we used to have a Modem and Router. The Linksys router was also our 8 port switch.

The new Netopia Gateway with a Static IP forced us to turn off DHCP on the Linksys and open Pinholes (Ports) to 3167 & 3168 on the Netopia.

In NUD our local Macs are pointed via Bonjour to the IP ( that Netopia assigned the Mac that acts as Server and work fine. One MacBook that is out of the office most of the time required setting the Routers static IP & port in 'Server Connections' and works fine.

But Now Contact using the same settings (& 3167) won't work locally or remote. What could be wrong? I deleted and recreated the Pinholes, which are set to TCP, but I tried with UDP as well and it still didn't work.

All suggestions are welcome, I'm not at either machine too often so it may take time to answer back any emails.