Ever since we "upgraded" from Public Event Server 4.x running on a Mac OS 9 server to Now Server Manager 5.x we had problems. After much trouble shooting, repairing permissions, installing, uninstalling, I finally got a very nice sales person on the phone who helped me get some info from technical support. The server would keep crashing when anyone with Internet explorer connected to the web page.

I wish that this would have been posted on the FAQ's or that I would have gotten this information in the support ticket that I submitted. It would have saved me and a couple of people in sales a lot of time.

Anyway, I uninstalled Now Server Manager 5, installed Public Event Server 4, changed the name of the .db file from the name of the server to Public Event Server, as required by version 4, put it in the right place, and I seem to be up an running. I connected with Internet explorer and it didn't crash. I am keeping my figures crossed.

I hope Nighthawks is better and that issues such as these are published sooner, or at least included in support tickets.

Again, thanks to the Sales department I'm up and running again. It has not been fun.