Hi all,

We're managing a LOT of changes all at the same time, and I'm having a hard time seeing what issues are left to deal with before doing the next steps.

We've fixed a bunch of things this morning. If you can look around and see what is left to fix (other than the "frame" issues with the banner ads and such), that would be great.

If you find something that is still missing, or a problem, or whatever -- both new and compared to what we had before, please make a post in the "Site Feedback & Issues" forum.

BUT, instead of everything going all into one big thread that's impossible for me to manage issues on, please look to see if anyone has posted your issue TODAY (not before today) and if so, add any additional information there. And, if no one has posted the issue, start a NEW thread so that I can manage each issue separately.

This would be a huge help to me, and my confusion is part of the reason things have taken so long to fix (it's really hard to see what issues we have).

We're about to go through some more changes that have addressed some of the most significant long wanted requests. But, I'd like to nail down these configuration issues first today.


Neil Ticktin
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