Sadly this isn't a apple product project but still cool as heck.

My Laptop's hard drive died. This would be drive number two in the past year. The car in question is a 2002 Dodge Intrepid.

Since Dodge/Chrysler offered the Intrepid as a police car I can easily find a few goodies on ebay to add a table like shelf for the laptop.
Also there is a touch screen kit that costs about a hundred bucks I can toss into the laptop. Buy a cheap USB 2.0 hub and load it with USB jump drives and issue a software raid or a multiple partition system since I am using Slitaz Linux.

The goal for this system is for music and diagnostics. I'm thinking about adding a mobile WiFi hotspot since the last few road trips everyone brought their own laptops. All I have to do is toss in a inverter in the back seat area.

Slitaz Linux is small and very fast. Uses about 60MB for the install and can run from a USB jump drive. Best part is it loads all into a ramdisk so I can improperlly shut down the system and don't have to face a slew of dialog telling me "shame on you". So if I wanted to add some programs I can just take the jump drive into my home desktop and add modules, software and so forth. Right now im working on a mounting script that will mount my SD card for music and trying to get the wireless working.
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