Hello all,

It's come the time of year that it's a good time to remind everyone of the community that we have here. Part of having a community that works, is having people that respect each other.

In the case of forums, respect comes in a couple of forms, including:

* respecting someone's right to have a different opinion
* addressing others respectfully, and using appropriate language

Being respectful, and civil to one another, is the condition for using the MacTech Forums. It's what allows a brand like MacTech to host a community like this. Without that, we couldn't allow the brand to be associated with it. (If you have questions, let one of the moderators or I know.)

MacTech's moderators know this, and that's just part of the reason they are there. They work hard to lookout for not only issues like these, but keep spammers out, and answers folks questions.

Now would be an appropriate time to thank the moderators for their hard work during this year. As volunteers, our appreciate is their reward for doing what they do.

It's a good time to appreciate all that we have in this community. I, for one, thank you all for being part of the MacTech family.

May the best of 2009 be the worst of 2010.

Happy holidays,

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Neil Ticktin
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