Hi all,

So, we oops'd. And, it's not worth undoing.

Basically, there's the continuing saga of the new Xserve (not currently in use) that we want to use for the new web server. Despite most (all?) of the drives that we have tried having worked in other Xserves, this one will only accept the ridiculously priced "Apple branded" drives in the bays.

To make the experimentation more transparent than it has been in the last 7-10 days, we decided to just yank one of the mirrored drives and do the experimentation there. When that failed this morning, we put it back in the Xserve which dutifully started rebuilding the mirror.

Of course, Apple's definition of "rebuilding" here was to erase any changes to the drive that happened since we pulled the drive this morning. In other words, there's a few hours of stuff that went "POOF" and as Reboot put it "we went back in time." Anything from about 8:30am pacific on 12-04-09 until about 2:30pm pacific).

There's no good nor reasonable way to restore this. So, all I can do is apologize.

Are we having fun yet?

Neil Ticktin
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