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Worklog #4 Pismedia [Re: Phillip2456] #474934 03/11/08 05:36 PM
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flippy10 Offline OP
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Joined: Sep 2007
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Well, this is sort of a branch off of my other thread. TCPMeta gave me the idea of a carputer, and I was struck by an idea to make one of the Pismos that I have kicking around, into a Bedside Media-station. Not just any bedside media station though, any unmodded laptop could do that.
A slimline media computer, that could stream files wirelessly from my NAS, have Remote Control capabilities so that it can remain without a keyboard or mouse, be wall mountable and have an internal battery and stand for mobile use.

Turn the 500Mhz G3 Pismo into a Media Center Tablet.

Tools needed:
Long Drywall Screws
Happy (Working) PowerBook Pismo
Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron
Wires (26 gauge works well. But any decent sized wires will work.)
Push Button (or you can use the original that's modders preference)
1x 2000mcD and Above LED (Color doesn't matter)

500Mhz G3 (I couldn't bring myself to take the G4 out of my first Pismo. So I'll get another one eventually. But in Tiger, and for media, the 500Mhz 750 is ample.
60GB Internal HD (5400RPM)
DVD Drive

There are a couple ways I can do actual use.
1. I can externalize the trackpad and basically create something like the setup on the TAM.
2. I can use the USB iMac mouse I have here. (After a nice cleaning... it actually moves. Great.) And combine it with an on-screen keyboard.
3. I can use a USB IR sensor, and integrate it into the (newly) roomy case. It wouldn't be too hard. I could make the White apple at the top of the display bezel clear with some rubbing alcohol, and place the IR LED behind it. That would allow me to use the Apple Remote I bought with it. (Or at least I hope so. >.<)
4.There is also Remote Buddy with a bluetooth remote control. Or I could just purchase something of the like.
5. I could just do nothing at all, and leave the machine solely controlled over the network. (That gets to be incredibly inconvenient if the network is down, the airport card dies, I need to pause the movie/music after I've turned off my secondary computer.. you get the idea. But with screen-sharing integrated into Leopard now, it's a lot easier.)

Well, after some consideration I've decided to go with the Remote Control and Remote Buddy.
(For those who haven't heard of Remote Buddy.. check out the link. I highly recommend it.)

Okay, so I ditched all that about Remote Buddy and went the cheapo route. I bought a 16$ eBay USB IR reciever and Remote. Now, the best part about it is that it's detected as a Keyboard/Mouse combo by OS X which allows complete control and very little platform problems. It's got a cursor POV button and mouse buttons, along with all the important keyboard buttons that double as Play/Pause, Forward, Back etc. There are about 5 buttons that don't work, and I'm using Quicksilver to map them to their correct functions.
Now it's time to build the IR Receiver into the case, wire up a nice power button, and Power LED.. do some cleaning up, and then we're finished! (Pictures will be up as soon as I get my camera memory card back :D)

Base and Base hardware I stripped off of an old monitor.

The mostly gutted Pismo.

The body, after having removed the levers for popping out the DVD drive and battery (There's no use for them anymore, except for support and I can build that myself.)

Minus the Logic

I shaved off all of the nubbies and standoffs on the case itself so I could put the base mounting plate underneath the logic.

Counter-sinking the holes for the mounting plate and base.

Base, semi-attached.

Behind the music.

Cut plastic for the logic to sit on, so it doesn't get grounded.

Logic and Frame (+ Northbridge Heatsink) in place.

Soldered wires onto the Inverter/Status LED board, Found out that the resistor is blown for the LED, fixed that.

New Status LED (This is the other end of that soldered wire.)

(Update 3/28/08: Got a G4 upgrade coming in the mail. Expensive, but worth it for the extension of usable life of the machine. Drilling new mounting holes into the case tonight for the mounting plate to be external. Returning the logic to it's original position, with improved copper heatsinks for the Cache/Northbridge. I'm a big fan of improved thermal thresh laugh. Also adding a small heat spreader to the graphics chip. It uses a composite material, which I'll take some pictures of later. I believe a nice aluminum heat spreader will do it some good.)

(Update 4/2/08: This machine has been nothing but trouble since I changed the mounting plate configuration. It will sporadically boot. That leads me to believe that there is a short somewhere. Pictures will be up soon.)

Pismedia Version 1: (Stand mounting plate underneath logic board, inside case)

Pismedia Version 2: (Beta) [This is the mounting plate moved to the outside of the case. Works much better, and is not crooked. >.<]

Pismedia Version 2: (Beta) [This is the Power Switch, relocated. I literally cut it out of a spare top case from a 17' PBG4 Alu, it fits quite nicely in that spot without the IO Plate, Sorry for the crappy picture(s)]

Pismedia Version 2: (Beta) [This is a top view of the modified case, without the screen attached.]

Pismedia Version 2: (Beta)

Re: Worklog #4 Pismedia [Re: flippy10] #477683 11/16/09 06:54 AM
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ctan Offline
Where's the RAM?
Where's the RAM?
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I like the idea, did this ever come out?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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