I have obtained said laptop (for $25 AUD :D), and am in the process of refurbishing it (missing ram/hdd and broken screen, ant nests inside on heatsyncs and mold/corrosion splotching the case). I have cleaned the inside and out, added some ram and hdd, and detatched the screen (including webcam). Everything north of the screen hinges is removed. Will it be safe to boot this system without the screen? Will the OS installer run with an external DVI/VGA screen?

Also, will this apple motherboard adjust for the ddr2 being 1GB @ 533, when the original ram was 2GB @ 667?

Sorry if I'm asking general knowlege here, but this is my first mac, and i'm scared with the lack of bios (where I could set the ram speed/boot device etc) :P

Thanks in advance, Blufires