Got a few optical drives laying around? wanna geek out and show off your friends or replace that broken CD player? No fear this guide is here.

Selecting a optical drive
For once a PC will do some justice. You'll need a drive that has a headphones port and the ability to play and skip tracks. Most cheapish high speed CD-ROM drives have these options. You only need a 1x speed to play music so if you have a old 386 with a 2x CD-ROM drive then it should be the ticket. You might be able to use a optical drive that doesn't have the multimedia buttons but you won't have a option to skip tracks.

Powering up the drive
As most modders know a typical Molex drive connection uses 12 volts and 5 volts. Each voltage lead has it's own ground. Now to use say a simple 12volt wall adapter power supply you need to regulate the voltage. For this to work you need a voltage regulator, I recommend the 7805. If you use a 7805 voltage regulator you'll need a heatsink. All together it should run you a few bucks from digikey or radioshack. Here is a simple diagram to wire up the regulator. I used this same diagram with the Carputer Project a while back.

Speakers and amplification
It's all up to you, if you have a stereo tuner you can use a headphone to RCA style cable. If you're using it in a car you can tie it into a typical automotive amp or if you want it to put it on the desk you can ether use some computer speakers or headphones. In all its up to you.