I am planning to turn my livingroom into my computer room. My HD TV has VGA and DVI connections and I also have a decent stereo system. Well instead of tossing a Mac at my entertainment center and calling it a done deal I have decided to raise the bar.

I have been playing with touch panels for a while and I just love multi-touch technology. I have seen many websites on building touch panels just by using a webcam and a few IR LEDs.
I am going to take on the task to build my own table. The table will even house the Mac and even have a nice little storage for a wireless keyboard, remote and maybe even a mouse if I want to kick back and relax.

Anyway here's how it works. Typical coffee table height. It will have a white top. Overhead on the celling will be a projector.

For the touch panel to function it's very simple. A Logitech quickcam webcam with the IR filter removed. exposed 35mm film, Plexi-glass, white paper, IR LEDs.
The webcam will be located on the bottom of the table facing up. Two small squares of the exposed 35mm film will act as a color filter for the webcam, it will go in place of the IF filter on the camera. The diffuser is the white paper ether glued or taped onto the bottom of the plexiglass. The plexiglass will be some what tick because every inch on the side of the glass will be a IR led. When you put your finger on the plexiglass it will make the light bend/break. The webcam will pick up the X axis and Y axis location. The rest is software controlled.

As for the projector I shouldn't really need to do anything, at most add a IR filter to the projector.

The white diffuser will act as a projector screen as well.

Right now im designing the table frame and shopping around for the plexiglass.

Check back in a week or so for more progress.