I've been playing with the WiiMote on my Hackintosh. Thanks to Johnny Lee Chung he has found new ways/idea to interact with the computer with the WiiMote. Turn your monitor into a whiteboard. Just build a simple IR LED pen and set the WiiMote in view of the monitor.

On the WiiMoteProject website people are trying to find software that will work for this whiteboard software. Pretty much it works as a single button mouse. Heres a list of software I have tried.

GoogleEarth (Have to use the keyboard to help to interact)
Warcraft3 (Have to do a lot of movement and the calibration isn't dead on)
Celestia (Pretty much the same as GoogleEarth)
Klondike Forever (Works great!)
AMP FrontEnd (Works great!)
Gimp (Works alright but with the wrong LED it will move choppy)

I'm in the works of building some gloves and another lightpen that will use a mouse right/left click