Thing is 90% of the software Apple uses in OSx is licensed under GNU. Even their Darwin Kernel is considered as OpenSource. Pretty much the Aqua GUI and a few other things are licensed as commercial and the EULA is basically protecting that small portion. The EFI system has its own EULA and we all know Apple built and licensed it as commercial.

To me if the system was certified by Apple, other words built and bought from Apple then you can do what ever you want and cram any hardware you want as long as there is some kind of support ether 3rd party or DIY. Running a PC with OSx is a no no but how many PC users out there run illegal copies of Windows?

I know back back in the day when people were using Baslilisk II and vMac to emulate a mac on a PC but the EULA stated you must own the mac you ripped the ROM from and you could not run the mac and the emulator at the same time. Although when I was looking for info on SheepShaver people found out Apple had a downloadable ROM that was for the early G3 systems but listed as a update (Mac ROM Update 1.0), but in fact its a complete ROM image so who knows how many people with early G3 systems are running the same ROM on their system let alone people emulating the classic system with that ROM via SheepShaver.

To me it feels like Apple is doing the old "do as we say and not as we do" crap.
This has cleared up a lot for me.
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