Apple Powerbook g3 Sketch Book Update:

Well i am close to being finished with my powerbook mod i would like to thank everyone who gave such great ideas for this mod.

Here is the latest system specs:

Apple powerbook g3 400 mhz
1 gig of ram
250 gig external Wd My book custom Modded in silver/black damaged style. (couldn't pass this up at 49.99 on clearance from target)
120 gig internal hard drive (special formatted to run without any issues on the powerbook gets past the limitations on this model)
Zip 100 internal removable drive
Airport card
Custom modded external silver keyboard apple pro keyboard older version with white key's.
Custom silver visor palm pilot dock with custom black cover with apple logo.
Custom apple logo on the back in the original apple colors.
Dragons screensaver using pictures from google.
mac os x tiger 10.4.11
Ilife 05
Office 2004

A special thanks to zachary levy for the paint job idea!!!

Will post video Soon!!! within 1-2 days.