Well i received a nice gift from one of my friends at my local mac users group.

A g3 powerbook Pismo.

So i began the sketch mod called the powerbook pismo sketch mod.

So i had to do some interesting things.

First thing being i had to get it running.

Once i figured out how to i created this youtube video to help others in my same situation.


Now i have this.

Powerbook pismo Edition.
G3 400 Mhz powerpc processor
384 Megs of Ram
40 gig Hard Drive
Mac os 9.2.2
Mac os 10.4.11
Ilife 05

Cool i thought i have a nice laptop i can use for my photography work.

But i didn't like the apple Logo.

So began this video on youtube.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Then while at my local RE/PC store here in seattle washington I ran into the most loudest addon for my powerbook.

Powerbook g3 zip drive worlds loudest drive??


So now i have this.

A powerbook g3 pismo
8x dvd drive
zip 100 drive
40 gig hard drive
384 megs of ram
Airport Card
mac os 9.2.2
mac os 10.4.11
ilife 05

Now my next mod steps should be to paint the rear of the LCD i am thinking about doing a white top with a anime or even a nice tastefully done lady on the back side and will post more on this soon anything else i can do with this unit.??