Someone in publishing just donated a bunch of systems to the community centre where I work.  Also, they have not been wiped so they should ave some interesting software on them.  I just got the go ahead to take a look at them and try and set up something for the youth.  Maybe we'll make a comic book!
>Mac mini PPC / 1.42 Ghz / 1GB RAM / 74.41GB 4200rpm 2.5" / Airport + Bluetooth / 10.4.7 / 20.1" LG widescreen
>G4 400 PPC / 20 gig / 768MB RAM / ZIP drive / 10.4.7 /17" apple SD / Back up system
>Powerbook Titanium 1Ghz / 40GB / 512MB RAM / mashed up and waiting for a good mod!
>Macintosh SE/30