After 3 faithful years of service my ibook just needed a change. I've been reading up on these great forums on how to mod teh case by removing the white paint from the plastic cover but unfortunately only the G3 ibooks have these cases. G4 ibooks however have white plastic cases made of white plastic. So instead of change the color design of my G4 I decided to do what no one else seems to have done or posted online as having done. I decided to modify the apple logo, not just the color but the logo itself.

Tools and Supplies:
Set of Torx Screw Drivers necessary T6 and T8
Philips head Screw Driver
2mm Plexiglass
1mm Styrene Lighting Panel
Brush on Krazy Glue
Permanent Marker
Masking Tape
Exacto Knife
Spray Paint
Wire Cutters
Epoxy Resin Glaze Coating
Putty Knife

First things first removing the top cover. This was really simple. Unscrew all 4 torx screws with a T6 torx screw driver (kind of the shape of a star of david). Then choose a top corner and using your thumbs and your index finger push the white plastic down with your index fingers and using your thumbs pull back the edges of the corner. Then just take the back end of a pen and just run it a long the edges and the case jsut pops right off. To take the apple logo plastic out take a putty knife and run it along the edges to get underneath and pop it off.

The Icon:
This was the interesting part, The apple logo measures a good 3mm or 3.5mm thick plastic with a 1mm thick plastic backing to keep it in place. However, the only thickness plexiglass i found at Lowes or Home Depot was 2mm. Working with what I had, I drew out the design for the Autobot symbol on the plexiglass with a permanent marker so it wouldn't rub off. Then I clamped it down and used a jigsaw to cut the shape out followed by a dremel to smooth the edges. (Becareful with the jigsaw because it may crack teh plexiglass in unwanted places.)

Position the icon over the apple logo on the the inside of the white case with the permanent marker drawing facing you and draw an outline around the icon on the case with a permanent marker.

Once the shape was cut out I turned the plexiglass over (the side without the permanent marker) and used masking tape and an exacto knife to etch out kind of a stencil, removing only the areas where the draw lines are on the otherside. Then I spray painted the it, 2 light layers and 1 medium layer. Let dry. I then glued it with brush on Krazy glue to a 1mm thick sheet of cracked ice clear styrene lighting panel (stuff that they put over fluorescent lights, can also be found in Lowes or Homedepot) and cuts the square out with 1/4" boarder around the icon. I then took 91% rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip to remove the permanent marker. Taped the entire face of the icon up with masking tape again and spray painted the supporting edges as well.

The Modding:
Clamp the case face down on to a work bench and using a jigsaw cut out the the shape outlined and then using a dremel, smooth out the edges and really define the shapes sharpness.
Remove foam netting and teh white paper from the back of the LCD screen and then clamp the cover back on so that the Autobot symbol is rightside up when the case is open. Take a permanent marker and trace the inside shape onto the think aluminum sheet covering the back of the screen.
Remove the case again in the same manner as before and then using a pair of wire cutters carefully clip out the shape from the aluminum backing (it may help to cut on the outside edge.) Then size up a piece of good quality computer paper (laser printer quality) and either tape it or glue it over the cut out.

Filling in the Gap:
Now you can glue your icon into the case. Once again I used brush on Krazy glue (press together firmly until it dries) Then taped it firmly to the case with masking tape for support. I then used a high gloss crystal clear epoxy resin glaze coat to fill in the empty space between teh icon and the case and to make it level. (Famowood Glaze Coat purchased at Lowes or Home Depot) Make sure you keep the bubbles to an absolute minimum with mixing and pouring, they explain how to do this in the instructions. MOST IMPORTANT is LEVEL SURFACE! this resin is self leveling so if you don't use a level surface to place your case on it will come out lopsided. Use a spoon and scoop up a little of the mixture and poor slowly over the icon, you don't need a lot, and spread til even. Try not to let it over flow because its a pain it the ass to clean up. It takes 8 hours for it to dry enough to handle and 72 hours to fully dry. Then snap the case back in screw in the Torx screws and congratulations you have yourself a Transformers G4 iBook.

Yeh I know it's HOT!


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