I play airsoft and I have always wanted to get a nice rifle. I tried to order one and they were out of stock and gave my money back. Yet I already ordered battery's from a different site so I was kinda stuck on that part. I saw a video on youtube on a mod for a cheap-o airsoft pistol that used AAs and stuck on 4 9volts and the gun  was way more powerful. I had a cheap-o rifle that I got for a birthday gift. Well I modified it to use a 8.4v battery instead of 6 AAs. It is hella fast and it can go far as my friend's sniper rifle that goes 400FPS to about 60 to 70 yards. I just have to leave the gun off of auto since it's only a 35round clip.

Anyone know if theres a hi-cap clip for a Automatic Kittycat?
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