So, today I've been using virtual pc to run some Mathcad, and I was thinking that one thing i really like about osx over windows is that the key to do stuff in osx is the apple key next to the space bar, so when i want to print, copy, save or whatever, i move my thumb to the command key leaving all my fingers on keys that make for useful combinations, whereas in windows i have to take my pinky off, and i lose the z, a, q, 1.  Granted this is becuase i never trained my self to use the right hand control keys.  But from here, I got to thinking that i never use the left side of the space bar, its always my right thumb that hits space.  So, I would like to use that side, and what better way than by making it a Shift key, for the same reason as above, whenever i want a Z,A,Q,! I shift my whole left hand over and use that pinky on shift.  So, moral of the story, if any one out there is a hardware engineer and wants to make a keyboard with the left half of the space a shift key, let me know, I'll buy the prototype.

Sorry for the long post about more or less nothing.
15" MBP late 2008