Here is what mine has

Fastmac G4 550 (tried three others including the Powerlogix 900 but Fastmac is superior)

100 gb main hard drive Seagate 5400 RPM (very Quiet)

2nd hard drive 100 gb hard drive Seagate 5400 RPM (via expansion module)

1024 mb Ram (two micron 512 mb Modules)

Pioneer slot load dual layer DVD burner ( workks great with all software)

VST 250 mb Zip (you would be suprised how much I use this )

VST superdrive ( also used alot as all my computers have a superdrive)

2 VST expansion bay Hard drive Modules (one in use one waiting for my new 200 gig hard drive coming in november)

apple DVD player (so I do not wear out the burner)

Airport card (works as well as my wifes new inksys as far as I can tell due to the great built in antenna)

Three True Power Batteries (that give me over 18 Hours of unplugged use)

So why you may ask ?I am completely comfortable with the Pismo and it runs every bit of software that I need even Tiger and ILIFE and I have an imulator to run all atari ,nes,super nes,nes 64 and even several games like Quake II and III run quite well .I do not use my laptop for games usually I do email ,Pics ,video and music so the video card in my Pismo fits me fine but I do have over 2000 classic games on my laptop if I am board.

I am sure at some point there will be a reason to upgrade but not yet ,I am installing a touchscreen as soon as it gets here so that will complete my monster Pismo

to this point even including buying the Pismo I have about $800 invested and I dare anyone to find a laptop this capable  for that kind of money let alone one as well layed out and easy to use as this Pismo