I finaily finished my case for the sawtooth. I even found a real easy way to paint it too with out sanding or primering.

Heres how I painted it.
Car Engine block paint with a clear coat. Since you can't primer a car engine block this paint will stick on most metals with out preping it.
It will come out semi thick and handles easily. Just follow the same steps on putting on the primer from the cube painting videos and it will come out great.

The case itself is made out of aluimum and put togetther with pop rivits, easy stuff. Sadly the case looks kinda like a server style case but I have two sawtooths in it. With the sick paint job it looks apple'ish lol. White with ford blue. Although the DVD-RW is black and so is the water cooler pump that sit in the drive bay. I may just get some window tint and tint the water tank that sits in the front as dark as I can get it but leave a bar that is clear so I can still see how much water they have.

When this is done i'll add pics to my site and link them to here.
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