Hey guys...

Long time leach here... but figure give some good modders a chance at some of my old goodies. I recently moved and need to clean house a bit. Here's what I got that needs to go...

DualUSB iBook (12in, 600MHz G3)
History: This little machine had served me well over the years. My ex-wife, used it as her own for a while and it took some abuse. When I recovered it, I replaced the lower casing, power supply, and keyboard. There is only 1 issue with it, and thats the cd-rom, which doesnt recognize discs. I don't have time to replace it, nor want to spend the time. I was going to use it for work and travel, but I bought myself a MBP instead, so its no longer needed.

Here are the specs:
- 600MHz G3, 256mb RAM
- 12 in Screen
- includes: MacSkins, 1 clear, unused, and 1 with blue flames.

Price: Make Offer...

G4 Orb Speakers
Got these from work. They were included with a QuickSilver G4 I believe. I was going to use them on my G5, however they are the special once that only work with select G4s. I don't think they have ever been used.

Price: $30shipped

Dell 19in FP
I have two of these. They take DVI and VGA inputs, include a 4 port hub built into each one. The model number is 1905FP. They are less then a year old. They have been great, and work well together in a dual monitor set up. I'm moving up to a 24in or 30in.

Here are the specs:
Contrast Ratio: 800:1
Max Res: 1280 x 1024
Brightness: 250 cd/m2

Price: $200 ea.

I'm bringing these items here, because you know what they are... and hopefully I won't have to answer questions like... does it have a track pad. etc. So if your interested, let me know...

Happy Modding...