I've got a spare display cable for a Titanium 667mhz Powerbook (15" VGA model).

Also, 2 x Samsung 256mb ram modules - the ones originally supplied with the machine.

Not sure what other powerbooks it'll all work on, I assume the 550mhz model too, and I think the earlier 400mhz and 500mhz versions.

I bought the data cable for 25 ($45) but didn't end up fitting it. I'm willing to accept any reasonable offers. I'm in the UK so postage is gonna be a couple of quid to you US peeps.

The RAM - not sure what the going rate is - make me an offer. :-)

I'd rather someone on here gets this booty, but if I get no response in a week or so I'll probably stick it all on schmeBay coz it's cluttering up my workspace!