Well time has come to sell parts to my B&W, iMac and a few lwftovers from my sawtooth.

B&W Logicboard - $25.00
B&W CPU 400MHz (can be overclocked to 450MHz with out a problem) - $10.00
B&W CPU and Logicboard (If you want both) - $35.00
B&W Stock DVD drive - $5.00 or best offer
B&W Stock ATI Rage128 - $15.00 or best offer
B&W Switch box for logicboard - $2.00

iMac BoniBlue logicboard (Needs CPU) - $10.00
iMac 350MHz logicboard (missing battery) - $20.00

ATI Radeon 7000 PCI 64MB vram - $40.00

G4 400MHz CPU for Cube or Sawtooth - $20.00

*Prices are subject to change*
**Trades can be offered**
***Payment though paypal only***
***Buyer pays for shipping costs (US only)***
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