Well after all the modding and upgrading and such I am now left with a load of stuff.
I've got a Digital Audio case in primo condition. It also has a mobo and psu in it. I was never able to figure out if it which of the two was dead. Whenever I hit the power button the processor fan would start up briefly (like a second) and the whole machine would power down. So if you want to take a gander or just need the case let me know.

Also have a DA 466mHz g4 processor and a Sawtooth 400mHz g4 processor. Both work great. They also have their heatsinks with them.

I've also got a seagate cheetah SCIS 20 gb hard drive that works swell. As well as the SCSI card (it is in a case and I need to look up the exact model number). Oh and two 20gb hard drives pulled from Digital audio machines...and a CDRW drive + bracket pulled from a DA.

Then there is the RAM. Two 256mb sticks from a G4 AL Pbook. Two 128mb sticks from a Pismo and one stick of 256mb PC133 from a DA.

I'll sell this stuff or be glad to trade from some 512mb PC100 (for a Sawtooth) or 1GB sticks for a G4 AL Pbook.

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.