I'm not sure if this is the right subforum to post this in order to get this read, granted this is mainly a hardware mod and case mod of a beige G3 AIO, but here goes. (Hopefully no one accuses me of being a monster for this.)

I have put a B&W G3 logic board into a PC case before and I did some neat things with TTL logic chips with the mod so I am not a total neophyte at modding.

I have an old G3 All In One that I was thinking about replacing the logic board with a PC microATX motherboard. To get into detail I was planning on using a Venice or Winchester core Socket 939 Athlon 64 with a slim 1U CPU cooler, and a secondary 1U power supply. In this case a Prescott P4 seems like a bad idea. I know how to make the original power supply to turn on and stay on. Is anyone aware of anyone being able to use the internal monitor of a G3 AIO with an separate video card or computer and what the pin-out of the AIO connector is?

Next, I was thinking about trying to add a second internal CD-ROM drive. I am not sure how competent I am at this part. I was thinking about using part of a CD-ROM bezel from a Beige G3 tower and replacing the top floppy and zip drives with the CD-ROM bezel and filling in all of the holes. I think I know how to bend a drive sled into shape out of steel. My question is though what is the best way to do fill in all of the holes and keep the shape of the case looking similar?

The method I thought of involved using auto body fiberglass mesh and something like bondo that is used with cars. The kind of fiberglass I am thinking of using has a harderner to make the fiberglass stiff. I would use the fiberglass mesh to make a form with which to place the bondo over and then sand the whole thing down back into shape. Does anyone think that this might work? For that matter does anyone know how to reproduce the grain/texure of the plastic on the case, or should I just paint the entire case blue or something? I have a feeling I will be using lots of bondo.