I sympathize with your desire to have a functional PC in a well designed case, but the vast majority of work that would be done in order to accomplish this feat would have to be on your time and your research., though an excellent group of talented Macintosh-based modders, can only provide so much; we are here for assistance, not to do the work for you. Even if there is a mod guide, you would still have to have sufficient knowledge of computers in order to follow the directions; forgive me if I'm wrong, but from the contents of your post it seems you are still trying to understand some basic tenants of computer electronics (i.e., cooling, operating systems, etc. Consider that being a novice is not a bad thing, as we all were there once, but at the same time it may mean you are not ready to take on such a hefty challenge.) Since I believe this is the case, some things need to be explained:

It is rare that individuals make mod guides so others can do the exact same thing; rather, more often then not, mod guides provide some foundation in which to get started with a similar idea or, at the very least, declare in general terms how a mod was accomplished. Because of this, many mod guides show only the macro-evolution of a product, sometimes for the sole purpose of boasting of the hard work involved and the beauty of the finished work. Thus, many of these mods will not include the “unnecessary” details, some that you may find you desperately need. I say this not to dishonor my fellow modders, but to stress that a vast majority of mods assume that, if you wish to do the same thing, you will have at least a mediocre knowledge of electronics.

Concordantly, modding is not cheap, especially at the scale you are speaking of. When one decides to do a mod in this fashion, one usually has a vested interest that is forceful enough for them to take the gamble. Why do I say “gamble”? Because modding is often just that: even the most talented modders can make a mistake that will ruin hundreds of dollars of hardware. This is why I believe that, unless you are able to find a mod out there already that accomplishes what you need to know, you will have a hard time persuading somebody to strip apart their beloved eMac for the sole purpose of showing you how it's done.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't get your hopes up. Stuff like this takes time, energy and money and not everybody is willing to take a plunge for a fanciful idea. Macmod will be there for help, but if you wish to get wet, you'll have to get into the pool with the rest of us. But don't worry, we serve beer here!

( But, hey, what do I know? I'm king of the novices and like to talk out of my pooper :silly: )

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