I enjoy iTunes- It is by far the best application for music playing and general sharing, quicktime did a great job, music store sux for many a reasion but they wont change that. But sadly iTunes is not increasing its coolness- infact it is staying still adding one new feature when people start to loose intrest. I like iTunes fairly new features such as Party Shuffle (tho I rarely use it), Link to iTunes music store, and new features for importing/exporting... But iTunes could add some nice features such as; Movie lists: Sure the music store allows music videos within iTunes duh its made by quicktime, but it doesn't let you orginize your movies apple needs a good application for this with all the usefulness of iTunes maybe make an iQuicktime or just add it onto iTunes (PS: yes I use VLC but it still is a 3rd party and isn't as well funded...), more music to the music store: Apple is trying to do two things right now to the music store- one is to add popular teen music, the other is to add a bunch of music that is in every catigory, sure this is a great idea but they arn't doing it enough, I have bought one song from iTunes because they were the only one to have it yet, but it is still in their stupid locked format, this is really useless to me I burn a lot of MP3 cd's and these DO NOT BURN to the cds... I was wondering if anyone else has opinions as to what iTunes should add?