I have scoured the net seaching for information on the AppleDesign Powered Speakers I and II. Basically I can only theorize that Apple developed these speakers in house and release them in 1993.

I did all that looking so I could make the following statement :cheer:

Since Apple released the AppleDesign Powered Speakers I & II, Apple has never outsourced important speaker implementations to anyone other than Bose and Harmon Kardon (aka JBL).

Bose was used in the Twentieth Anniversary Mac and possibly the manufacturer of the integrated sub in the Performa 6XXX towers. Harmon Kardon has been used for all modern macs including the Rev B iMacs and on, cubes, and all Quicksilver and on PowerMacs.

Now I am obiously leaving out speakers like those on the Apple 1710 displays and 15 inch model, all Performa 5XX all-in-one series, and PowerMac 8600 and on with a front-visible speaker. I have no idea who made those, and out of those listed, only the 1710 was ever of any great importance and most people opted for the cheaper 1705 sans-speakers anyway.

Whew....ok, so why did I just post all this useless data? I just wasted 15 minutes to look up something to satisfy my own curiosity i guess :evil:

Thanks for reading :P

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