I am selling my Jet Black Mac G4 - formerly a B&W. Fantastic condition. Hand painted (by me) using Krylon Fusion and well-cared for for the past two years.

This computer won First Place in a local design contest among computer hardware hackers. Info and photo here

This is a beautiful machine. I am very proud of it, I worked extremely hard on it (three days getting the paint just right on each piece - individually painted), and wouldn't give it up except I had the chance to upgrade to a G5 (who wouldn't) for a good price.

Current specs: 550MHz G4 (G4 500 upgrade, clock-chipped to 550 - ROCK solid). System bus runs at 100MHz. Logic board is a Revision 2.
ATI Radeon 7000 with 64MB RAM - yes, 64, not 32.
256MB RAM (1 256MB DIMM, three free slots).
80GB Western Digital 7200RPM hard drive.

Apple 32X CD-ROM, internal Zip 100 drive, internal 56K modem. PowerComputing ADB keyboard, and mouse included.
Asking price: $585 firm, plus ground shipping. For an extra $10.00, I will include an internal DVD-R seperately. I think it's a 6X speed.

I will ship internationally. Ask me for a quote.
Inquiries to: [url=mailto:jeff_yowell@cox.net]Jeff Yowell[/url].

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