You are right, it would not be GSM or TDMA or CDMA. All of these technologies are way out of date. The new est possibility would be 3G which is used by verizon in a couple areas of California and Florida as well as New York I believe. 3G allows transfer rates of up to 50 Kbps. This would be just fast enough for a multimedia network. The 3G network is already present in the Asia Pacific and most all of the phones on the network boast video conferencing. This is soon to be the newest standard here in the states. However, at the rate the US moves with technology, don't expect to see it for about 2 -3 years!

While I agree with everyone on all the comments, I would be interesting to see what Apple could do in the industry. It would not take as much capital as everyone seems to think. Running the network off of existing towers and paying a usage rights, a venture such as this could be quite possible.

The one problem that I see with this is the fact that the US is not ready. Americans don't care for the newsest technology like other countries and something such as this would be premature and a complete flop. I think that Apple knows this as well. Didn't they learn their lesson with the Newton? This is def a rumor!
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