Note to all who own Flightstick Pro ADB joysticks:
This is a true story:

You have just connected a CH Products Flightstick Pro ADB joystick to your computer, and the keyboard to the inline "piggyback" connector. You've started up your Macintosh, and, instead of a happy Mac icon, you get a Flashing Question Mark on a Floppy.

If your Mac's motherboard has one, press the little reset button. It is really a tact switch, which may look like this:

However, if your Mac's motherboard doesn't have one, simply remove and replace the clock battery. Either way, it will reset your Mac's PRAM Chip.

The likely problem is that your PRAM chip is crowded with information, that can, over time, really affect your computer's behavior. For example, your computer suddenly freezes, or an application unexpectedly shuts down.

Here is a little interesting fact about my Performa 6360: I can force quit the Finder, and it reloads the Finder, and then displays a message saying, "The application 'Finder' has unexpectedly quit. You should save your work and restart immediately."

By the way, the 6360 is the computer on which I have encountered the joystick issues.

Talk to you guys later,


PS: I hope the image shows up properly.
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