So you just created a cool mod that you want to share with the world. Don't hold back. It's a lot easier than you think. First of all, let us say, there is ONE tiny little detail to watch out for; our site-integrated WSYWIG editor is only compatible with Mozilla and Firefox right now. Safari compatibilitiy is pending.

Step 1: Log in
Step 2: Click "Create Mod Guide" in the user menu
Step 3: Select the appropriate category
Step 4: You'll now see the submission page with subject, category, intro text, and body. Be descriptive and SHORT int he subject (eg. 12" iBook logo in the apple mod). Place your mod into the appropriate category using the drop down menu. Next use the intro text to post ONE OR TWO sentences about the mod. Use the body section for all the details and pics. Please upload your pics

STEP 5: Submit your mod. Don't worry about the other tabs at the top (eg. Metadata, images, etc.)
STEP 6: You are DONE! Mod will be available for review to the admins and is generally posted in 24 hours.

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