Briefly today, my phone got stuck in a weird fugue state - nothing on the screen, and neither of the buttons would do anything, but I knew it was on because it was making 'email arrived' noises. So I plugged it into iTunes to see if it would perk it up, and got to a different fugue state, or perhaps sleep state would be more accurate, a REM cycle - because every time I pressed the Home button, the phone just took a screenshot (and the power button was in neutral). I somehow managed to jump it out of Mail; and back to the springboard, and then could shut it down and restart it. Back to normal now.

Very odd. I'm anxious for the phone to behave over the next week or two, because I need it for my new job, and because my mac is going in for a checkup. Perhaps it's feeling too under pressure smile.
If it's brokenless, don't suffix it...