I have been having a hell of a time accessing contents of selected rows of an outline view in applescript studio, or any other part of receiving contents of the outline view for that matter.

I easily set my contents of my outline view following one of the examples:
set content of theObject to {{task:"A"}, {task:"B", |items|:{{task:"SubB1"}}}, {task:"C"}}

And to get the rows that are selected I do:
set theSelectedRows to selected rows of outline view 1 of scroll view 1 of window 1
and this works great, if I select "B" the value of theSelectedRows is 2

After that I do:
display dialog "Contents:" & (contents of data cell (item 1 of theSelectedRows) of table column 0 of table view of outline table column of outline view 1 of scroll view 1 of window 1) as text

The results of the dialog is "C" when I would expect it to be "B" and it seems no matter what I try I can only ever access "C".
Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? I have done really well with table views and all the examples are great, however outline views are a much different story.

Thanks for all the help!