I'm seeking an RSS solution to sync between my Mac and my iPhone. A web service and an iPhone app. But I can't seem to find a combination that meets my needs. Any recommendations?

On the desktop I want:

* Browser-based but NOT Google (I don't like being logged into Google all the time).

* Multiple feeds in ONE list by date, accessible with one click on a bookmark (NewsGator can't seem to do this: bookmarks always revert to your main page, and from there you must click a second time to get your feeds).

* Auto-mark feeds as read when actually CLICKED, but not before (NewsGator doesn't seem to have this option--it seems to be marking them as read when I simply view the headline, unless I set it not to auto-mark at all).

* Simple and compact: headline and a little text (images not needed), fitting many headlines on the screen with little wasted space (NewsGator disappointed me in this regard).

In other words, I'd like it to be just like Safari's own RSS reader. Fast and simple and clutter-free!

And on the iPhone I want:

* Standalone app (so my list is still waiting for me after I go read the content in Safari--which is where I'll read).

* Ideally, the ability to mark ALL articles in all feeds read at once. (NetNewsWire can't do this: I must enter each feed individually to mark it as read.)

* Syncing. I want articles I read on EITHER the phone OR the computer to be marked as read on the other.

(NetNewsWire seems to meet my needs... but it works with NewsGator which doesn't.)

How close to this dream can I get? smile Thanks for any suggestions!


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