Limit Point Software is offering a promotion of it's products Mailings, Blue Crab, MenuMinder, Icon2Image and Aqueiss.

40% off the regular price of each. Or, by them all at 60% off: $38 for all five products.

1) Mailings is a full featured application for batch emailing
2) Blue Crab is a versatile program that you use to copy the contents of a web site to your computer
3) MenuMinder menubar item that creates quick, simple alert, email and SMS Text Message (mobile phone) reminders straight from your menu bar
4) Icon2Image is a utility for creating image thumbnails of file, folder and disk icons in various image formats and much more
5) Aqueiss is an internet enabled contextual menu that you can use to access any URL from an application

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This offer will run through March 11, 2009.