For the five people interested, Rahm Emanuel's (and Rod Blagoevich's) old House seat had it's primary today. From the looks of it, former Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley will likely win the general election. To give you an idea of how one-sided this district is, look at these numbers:

Quigley, Mike Dem 11,910 22% (winner in a field of 12)

Pulido, Rosanna GOP 979 25% (winner in a field of 6)

I can't be happier with the outcome. The Democratic insiders nearby looked like they wanted Sara Feigenholtz as Emanuel's successor, but Quigley edged her out, probably with his reputation from the county board. Most famously, Quigley began a reform movement among Democrats in county government and started building coalitions with the few Republicans as a way to challenge the Chicago Machine politicians in charge.

In that way, IL-05 will soon likely send up someone who has reformer credibility (unlike Blagojevich) and can work with Republicans (unlike Emanuel). Pretty cool. Keep an eye on IL-05.
-- Cee Bee Double-U