The Mailings-iForm Promo

Limit Point Software is offering a promotion of it's products Mailings and iForm. 60% off the regular price of each: only $28 for both. This promo runs until January 25, 2009.

With the purchase of "The Mailings-iForm Promo" you receive activation codes for both products and free upgrades forever.

Mailings is a full featured application for batch emailing that delivers any web page or plain text document with attachments to multiple recipients for marketing, news announcements, product updates etc.

iForm is a program that you use to serve and process HTML forms. Its basic functionality collects form data submitted by a web browser and then emails that data using formatting templates to select recipients, as well as saving it to a text log file which can be imported into a database.

But...These products work together! You can use iForm to implement a form which collects email addresses for a mailing list, and then distribute newsletters, product announcements, etc. to that list with Mailings. Refer to the iForm "Tour Sample" for an illustration of how this is done with the help of Apple's Address Book.