Really funny - when I took my 400MHz tibook in to get 'mended' last week (turned out I just needed a new mains adaptor frown ) the Apple Genius entourage all got really geeky about what good condition it's in. I went back there yesterday to get my macbook pro mended again, as the first replacement superdrive failed immediately (!) and they were STILL going on about it. So I asked them what they thought I could get selling it, and the guy there who specialises in 'old' macs told me that if I broke it for parts and sold them separately on eBay, I could make around £600-800 for it! The screen is fine and the casing is near immaculate, and people are willing to pay stupid money for replacements, it would seem.

So I'm in a quandary - it's a perfectly fine working mac, so why break it up? But then if I sold it whole I'd probably only get a couple of hundred for it.

well, nothing's happening until after the new year, as I'm off on a 2-week retreat tomorrow. I can meditate on my greed smile.

- padmavyuha
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